Randy Lunn - Color Photo

Randall R. Lunn

 With over 30 years of early-stage venture capital experience, Randy has consistently found, financed, and supported creative entrepreneurs who have grown businesses that are leaders in their fields. Randy holds an impressive investment record and is one of the foremost venture capital investors in Southern California.

Randy is currently the Managing Director of Catalina Ventures that focuses on early-stage companies in technology, life sciences and other advanced technologies.

Catalina investments and advisory relationships include Analog Analytics (Barclaycard), AutoGenomics, Bioniz, Continuous Computing (Radisys), Enmotus, My Damn Channel, NanoSomix, Predixion Software, TheraDoc (Hospira), and UnBooked.

He began his venture capital career in 1979 as one of two founders of Harrison Capital, the venture arm of Texaco. At Harrison Capital, he was responsible for building a portfolio of investments that included RF Monolithics (IPO), Iomega (IPO), Amgen IPO), Compression Labs, MCC Interamics (Kyocera), Summa Four (Cisco), and Synercom. He then went on to become a founder and general partner of Fairfield Venture Partners and made investments in Symbolics (IPO), Applied Digital Access (IPO), and BRL (IPO/Life Technologies).

In 1990, he joined TVM Techno Venture Management, an international venture capital firm, where he was Managing Partner of US operations. He helped grow and profitably liquidate a legacy fund including seven IPO’s and also built a highly successful portfolio of investments that included Pairgain (IPO/ADC Telecom), SCM Microsystems (IPO), AnswerSoft (Concerto), Benchmarq Microelectronics (IPO/Unitrode), Quantum Magnetics (InVision/GE), Onco Therapeutics (Biomira), Dura Pharmaceuticals/DryHaler (Elan), and CollaGenex (IPO/Galderma).

In 1999 he was a founder of Palomar Ventures, an early-stage IT venture fund. Palomar exits included Continuous Computing (Radisys), Akonix (Quest Software), DATAllegro (Microsoft), Inovys (Verigy) and Incuity (Rockwell).

Randy has sat on numerous boards of both US and European companies, helped establish US subsidiaries (SCM Microsystems, Sequenom, ATecoM, Dalim), took interim management positions, and helped advise companies as they navigated the IPO and exit process both in the US and Europe.

The Forum for Corporate Directors honored Randy in 2010 as the Director of the Year – Early Stage Companies. To help develop venture capital in Southern California Randy sits on the board of the Orange County Technology Alliance Network (OCTANe) and other community boards.

Randy graduated summa cum laude in engineering sciences and holds BA, BE, and MBA degrees from Dartmouth College.